we transform business

The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of digitalbranding and marketing enables us to create products, solutions and campaignwhich truly transform brands and organisations opening up new possibilitiesinspiring audiences and attracting customers.

Our work for some of the world’s leading brands is recognised for challenging the norm and disrupting markets through innovation.

Whether this is through thought provoking marketing campaigns, innovative product design or revolutionary business solutions that improve performance – the same single goal is always present. Positive transformation.
Our belief is that every business is a digital business. It’s our job to enable the clients we work with to unlock the potential offered through digital, in order to improve their commercial performance, operation and brand presence.
Through our strategically led programs we look to understand your business, market and customers – enabling us to create growth opportunities so that you can attract more customers, drive engagement and increase transaction, whilst also building and retaining loyal relationships.


core services

digital strategy

What should I do? Who should I do it for? Why should I do it and what will it deliver? These are some of the basic fundamental questions that drive our strategic process.


At Unique defining a clear digital strategy is the bedrock of any project or relationship we undertake. It gives us the direction and mandate we need to invent, innovate and reimagine your new digital world, delivering tangible results and the framework to measure their success against.
We have a philosophy called ‘Actionable Strategy’ – it simply means any strategic phase we undertake is focused on actionable outcomes and recommendations for projects.
Our custom designed strategy program is designed around what you need, not just a standard process we push you through. Through a blend of face to face consultation, research and discovery led by our team of UX, Creative and Technical practitioners we look to create valuable insight that we can deliver on.
We have successfully delivered and refined this programme of work for many national and international brands and organisations over the last 7 years. Delivering real change, results and innovation beyond just the digital end-product.
It includes: Business Consultancy, ROI Modelling, Business Immersion and Stakeholder Consultation, External Audience Definition and Consultation, Innovation Modelling, Technical Consultation, Brand Consultancy, Brand & Communication Strategy, Content Strategy, Market Opportunity Planning, Media Planning, Search and Visibility Strategy.
Outputs include:
– Business Consultation
– Digital Strategy
– Forward Plan & Recommendations
– Innovation Plan
– Technical Strategy

brand strategy

Is your brand expressing itself and connecting with your desired audience in the digital age?

aBrands usually evolve at a slow consistent pace overtime, driven by some concisely defined guidelines… unfortunately audiences, devices and digital channels don’t change is constant and often radical. How do you keep apace with these changes and ensure your brand is relevant in the digital age?
Unique provides a digitally centric approach to brand creation. We evaluate audience behaviour and needs, looking at existing brand content vs. brand aspiration to build a clear brand and communication strategy for our clients. This process looks to uncover audience connections, brand truths and new opportunities to express your brand in the digital age. This work informs everything from UX and UI design, campaigns, content strategies and CRM engagement.

“With our core role in transforming a business’s digital presence – we are in the unique position to reinvent their brand for a more digitally focused world through design, content and interaction. The new signifiers of a modern digital brand  are user interface, integrated branded content and interaction.”

Tashiro Tetsuya – Founder/Group Creative Director
Outputs include:
– Brand Strategy
– Brand & Visual Identity Design
– Digital Brand Creation
– Marketing and Communication Strategy
– Marketing / Social Campaigns
– Brand Guidelines

media planning & buying

Today’s media landscape requires an intelligent and informed approach from an experienced team.

Effective planning and buying in a complex marketplace also demands access to the latest research and analysis tools, all of which are used at the agency.
We are a truly media neutral agency and will only ever recommend what is right for our clients.


When it comes to media planning and buying at Unique, we take a totally objective view to developing integrated, cross channel media campaigns. We gather intelligence and make recommendations that we truly believe will achieve your objectives and make media selections that provide a proven return on investment. Our approach is independent and impartial.


We keep the buying process fluid and know how to negotiate the lowest possible rates. By constant monitoring and evaluation (testing and refining) – we know what works, as well as where best to channel the media spend. We don’t believe the biggest budgets always secure the best deals, instead we place value on the relationships we develop with media owners and the conviction that you adopt when entering into negotiation – collaboration over clout.
By adopting this philosophy when it comes to comparing like for like media buying, we usually outperform other agencies with our unique approach.


We are a results driven business. Although the cost of media is of paramount importance, we also look to leverage the optimum return by securing the best positions and achieving the strongest standout at no extra charge. This, along with strong planning and judicious buying, ensures our clients are able to achieve optimum return by reaching the right audience, with the right message and at the right time. It’s about understanding what works but more importantly what doesn’t, what the real value is and what opportunities are available at no extra cost, in order to underpin the core advertising activity. Throughout the campaign we are constantly looking at the results to help identify new opportunities that will refine the returns still further. And when your campaign has been completed we will provide a performance summary report, including a return on investment analysis, whenever measurable.

user experience design

We put the understanding of your customer at the heart of our process, ensuring we create truly user centric experiences that connect with them.

This customer-first philosophy is embedded within our own creative process and is a core part of the collaborative programs of work we take our clients through. The solutions we create are based on the fine balance of customer need with business goals resulting in experiences that attract, engage and compel customers to do something. Unique’s goal is to help increase your business performance, whether that’s an increase in customer sales, customer data or on-site engagement. The guiding principle is to create solutions that encourage your customers to act, to return and to build a lasting relationship with you.
Our strategically driven design process begins with the breaking down of silos within your business ensuring we build a picture of the entire customer experience beyond the screen interaction, analysing both physical and digital touchpoints – giving us that 360 view from which to base our thinking on.
Through a combination of your own audience insight, our research and our expertise, we form the core of the customer experience strategy that shapes the subsequent creative and UX design phase.
Using a blend of strategic insight, journey mapping, rapid prototyping, user testing and iterative design we bring products to life through a finely tuned process.
Programs of work include:
– Audience Research
– User Behavioural Research
– Customer Journey Mapping
– Information Architecture
– Interactive Prototyping
– User Testing

design & build

This is the core executional heartland of what we do. It’s the conception, design and build of a range of digital platforms, websites and web applications for both consumer and business focused needs.
– Websites
– Web Applications
– Native Mobile Apps
– Facebook Applications
– Campaign Platforms
– Native Sales Presenters

content strategy

Content in the digital age is the life-blood of any business or organisation.
It expresses who you are at a brand level, it drives connections with your customers and community and it builds visibility and authority in the world of search engines.
Through our digital transformation programmes we help clients evaluate and plan new content strategies to better connect with audiences and customers. We look to evaluate your content, production, provide direction, train your teams and implement systems to give you the power you need.
At a brand level it is the creation of new and more compelling content to drive connections with your brand and products. At a process level it is ensuring you are prepared and equipped to communicate with your audiences as well as creating detailed content plans and processes to author new content, as well as migrate existing content, for new sites. And last but certainly not least – at a search level, working with our search and UX teams to plan page content and structures to drive page visibility and authority.
Outputs include:
– Content Strategy
– Copy Direction and Writing
– Photography
– Video
– Animation
– Illustration and Infographics
– Search Optimisation Direction
– Content Production Management
– Content Migration


Our specialist pay per click management services focus on maximising ROI through well crafted PPC campaigns. All activity is carefully planned, implemented, monitored and optimised to ensure it returns value for our clients and delivers on objectives.

aOur team of PPC experts is 100% Google AdWords certified, meaning that every member of our PPC agency team is an expert and up-to-date with the latest features and improvements in Google AdWords. Delete is a Google Partner and our pay per click approach focuses firmly on delivering more conversions for less spend.
No guesswork, only measurable, accountable and flexible management
We pay attention not only to impressions and clicks but also to the actual conversions your website is achieving due to your ads.
Insights around the clock
We monitor performance of your ads around the clock and optimise key metrics that matter.
Stop, start, pause, test
We tweak your ads, try new search terms, pause adgroups and re-start something new.
Right time, right place
We target your ads to customers in certain regions/countries and on certain devices.
Reach the right people at the right time
Your services gets found by people precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer. Your budget is not wasted when people aren’t likely to convert.

PPC Strategy

– We ensure that our ads provide exactly what the target audience wants.
– We use different advertising platforms to reach everyone who is interested in your products.
– We choose the best campaign types to achieve your goal.
– We work to gain as much traffic as possible for less spend. We are a PPC agency that believes that targeting the right audience with the relevant ad is the only way to achieve good conversion rate.
– Google rewards advertisers whose landing pages offer great user experience by assigning a higher quality score. If a landing page is highly engaging, informative and relevant to ad copy and the search query each click will cost less and be more profitable.